DUNE Review

Director Denis Villenueve and an Expansive Cast Translate Frank Herbert's 1965 Sci-Fi Masterpiece into a Digestible First Half of a Story That Immerses if not Invests.


David Gordon Green Follows-Up his 2018 Re-Boot of the Iconic Horror Franchise with a Middle Chapter that is Messy, Unfocused, and Brutal but not Very Scary.


Daniel Craig's James Bond Swan Song is Everything a Fan of the Series Could Want from A Spy Thriller and Often Times...More.


Andy Serkis Takes Over Directing Duties in this Sequel to the Surprise 2018 Smash that Doubles Down on all the Worst Parts of its Predecessor.


The Introduction of the Latest Hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a Rousing and Aesthetically Beautiful Underdog Story Until it Isn't.

Top 10 of 2022

This year was a bit of a contradiction in movie watching and movie criticism for me. After being able to get back into the swing of things with my YouTube channel, TAVERN TALK, in 2021 this year marked the first full calendar year in which I produced a weekly video review of the biggest release of the week on my own. I’m proud of what that channel has become and the people that I have been able to meet reviewing movies in this fashion even if the growth hasn’t been what I’d like it to be. I wish I could dedicate countless hours to the channel and produce multiple videos a day, but that's just not in the cards at this point in life and the amount of work it takes to produce these reviews at the level of quality I like and the consistency I’ve done has come to also hinder my viewing habits - cutting into time I could have spent watching more films. This end of year list would typically be a video I publish on the channel (& may still be, but will also appear here for the sake of timing), but while the video format of reviewing movies has been an experience I’ve largely enjoyed it’s not one I can necessarily keep up with at any kind of competitive rate moving forward and this will be cutting back on those in the new year. I want to be able to see more films in general (I only saw 129 new releases in 2022 where in year's past I typically see over 200) as well as work on projects of my own within the world of film without having to pour all of my time and energy into videos about other people’s movies. All of that to say, I obviously didn’t see everything I wanted to in 2022 and hope to catch-up with many at the top of my watchlist soon, but as it is the final day of the year my ten favorite films of this year are as follows…