WONDER WOMAN 1984 Review

Patty Jenkins Fumbles the Ball Big Time in this Bloated, Silly, and Non-Sensical Sequel to 2017's More Grounded and All-Around More Successful Wonder Woman Film.


Tom Hanks Re-Teams with his Captain Phillips Director for a Western that Pays as Much Homage to the Genre as it does use it to Convey a Modern Story.

SOUL Review

Disney and Pixar Once Again Deliver an Ambitious Animated Film that Truly Swings for the Fences, but can't Quite Connect its Intent to its Emotions.


In Emerald Fennell's Uncompromising and Provocative Tale of Sweet Revenge, Carey Mulligan is Given her Most Explosive and Entertaining Role Yet.


Regina King's Directorial Debut Accesses Versions of Four Men who Would be Legends, Heores, and Martyrs in a Fashion that gets to the Essence of who Each Truly Were.


The Trolls franchise has had a somewhat varied journey in my collective memory as things began with hesitation at the concept alone though interest was piqued after Justin Timberlake released the ultimate feel-good summertime jam in that final, peaceful summer of 2016 with "Can't Stop the Feeling". Maybe this would be some kind of cool, animated riff on a musical with remixes of modern and classic songs as overseen by JT; something that was for the children, but made by one of the biggest pop stars of their parents childhood. Then came that November when all I remember about trying to cobble together a review was the fact I was writing about Trolls as I watched the Presidential election descend into madness. I gave the original film a straight-up-the-middle two and a half stars and thought of it essentially as colorful, but slight. It was fate that would have my wife and (three year-old at the time) daughter discover the movie some months later and as young children do my daughter latched onto Trolls just as I had Robin Hood some twenty-plus years prior and naturally decided to watch it on repeat until there was no other choice but for the characters to become endearing, the versions of the songs they sang to become the new normal and the weirdness of the world in which it existed to no longer feel strange or far-fetched, but more like home. We bought the soundtrack, we watched the Netflix animated series, and we anxiously awaited the sequel.