TOY STORY 3 Review

Some people think you can get too wrapped up in movies and taking them as more than just entertainment is a little weird. But once in a while a film comes along that re-enforces the true reasons some people do get so wrapped up in the movies. In this case, we are discussing what is essentially the end to the films that defined mine and many others childhoods. 'Toy Story 3' is visually stunning, with an almost epic scope that takes everything Pixar has done to this point up a notch. They are dealing with a bigger cast of characters than they ever have and not to mention the highest of all possible expectations. If there was any fear in me that this third film would not live up to those expectations they dissapeared the moment the characters I loved appeared on screen in a world that could only be possible within a childs mind. What is most important about creating a sequel to these beloved movies though is having the right balance of humor and sentimentality that appeals to both children and adults as well as the first two did. And,a s weird as it sounds, I have been able to view a new 'Toy Story' movie both as a child and as an adult and though the nostalgia is almost overwhelming for me, I loved this one just the same. I was immediately transported to my childhood and was so happy it lasted nearly two hours. Pixar has given us a story that is truly touching and touches on more than just the cool idea that toys come to life when we're not around. The story of the evolution from childhood to adulthood and how we take for granted those most innocent of years where we can make anything with a few of our favorite toys. I was lucky enough to see 'Toy Story 3' with my entire family, sitting next to my mom who was brought to tears by the completely touching and satisfying ending. My inner child was thankful the theater was still dark when she wouldn't stop hugging me as the credits rolled. I'm glad the summer of 2010 has something to brag about, easily my favorite movie of the year so far.

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