It is safe to say I didn't really expect much from 'Prince of Persia'. What I did expect was an attempt to re-create the fun that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films brought to the screen, as that is clearly what producer Bruckheimer and the marketing team were hoping for and in retrospect this was a fun movie to watch. AN old school kind of period adventure piece for all ages. I like Mr, Gyllenhaal and think he did a fine job here despite all the complaints about ethnicity and bull. I also thought Mike Newell was an inspired choice to direct this piece, he directed one of my favorite Harry Potter films and his touch of a great pace and tiny quips within the style made for an interesting film all around. The story itself plays into a perfect balance of ancient civilizations and mythical and supernatural happenings. And while the story is fun and the special effects are good and the movie just simply looks great the one thing missing is that character and that connection with characters that really makes us root for our hero and be interested in the villain. This film has a great cast, I love Ben Kingsley and this complaint doesn't apply to Alfred Molina as he is the one character here that stands out above the crowd and brings some much needed laughs to the otherwise serious tone. The film really needed a more main character to have this pull and attraction though. I think this is cause for much of the negative reviews because otherwise I found this a rather entertaining and interesting big budget summer film.

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