Usually, I am put off by the weirdness that surrounds the look and vibe of movies such as 'Splice'. Movies that seem so rooted in the cliches of its genre that they seem pleased just to get the tone and look right, no matter how run of the mill the story may be. This isn't the average science fiction or horror film though, and it is anything but run of the mill. In fact, 'Splice' goes places I never imagined it going, places that were not really hinted at for most of the film. I found it oddly disturbing and unappealing. In one sense the film is looking at the outcome of attempted human cloning, and on another, deeper level, the film is exploring the aspects that parenthood brings upon a couple. In doing this, some of the later actions feel simply gross and unnecessary. Sarah Polley, who I haven't seen since the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake never comes off as likeable here and so we find ourselves rooting for Brody, who looks bored here, but still, the end doesn't justify the character we thought we knew and so we really have no one to side with or root for here. This movie is full of bad decisions, both by its characters and creators


  1. ugh I'm so sad to hear this - cause I was totally looking forward to this one!

  2. you can try it out, but it was just too weird for me. You know id wanna hear what you think if you go see it though.