The 'A-Team' is a strictly fun summer action flick. There is no need for a critic to try and dissect this film or defend why audiences should stay away from such mainstream filmmaking because although this is mindless fun, there is nothing seemingly armful about it. In fact, it is a little deeper than we would usually expect it to be. We get characters with inner dilemmas and a plot that has a better twist than I could have seen coming in a more familiar plot line. It is nice to see a big-budget action flick with a little more depth, but what really keeps this ticking time bomb of a movie fun and exciting is the four main characters and the relationships they have with one another. Neeson knows this isn't one of his academic thinking independent films, he takes his recently earned cred from 'Taken' and gives a performance that hearkens to the kind of performances that were common in this films cheesy source material and time period while on the other hand Cooper uses his reputation outside of his acting to influence the persona he takes on here as Face. Though Neeson's Hannibal isn't given much of a backstory, Face is anchoring the conflict of the film with his-thus bringing in the necessary female to off set all the testosterone. I was afraid of how Ramapge's acting skills would play out on screen, but he is surprisingly likeable and not overly awkward. He uses 'fool' one too many times, but he also gives his character some layers that add dimensions to to his relationships with his teammates that make us warm up to him as well, breaking past his outer-tough guy barrier. And finally we have Sharlto Copley, easily my favorite part of the film. Taking a chance on this guy who has only been in one other major film was risky, but it fully pays off. He is odd and hilarious and the heartbeat of the movie. He takes all the seriousness out of the extremely risky and not all to plausible missions. We get a nice mix of action, laughs and just enough heart to leave you smiling as you walk out of the theater.

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