There really is no one who can compare to the beauty and grace of a Pixar film, this is clear as I am still smiling about how good 'Toy Story 3' made me feel. This all may have a little bit to do with what a sluggish summer we have been having, but with Dreamworks offering up the wonderful 'How to Train Your Dragon' earlier this year and the new Illumination studios putting in their bid with 'Despicable Me' it is good to see others attempting for what Pixar has perfected. 'Despicable Me' is an interesting little film that offers a little bit of everything. It has its twist in that our main character, in an animated film none the less, is an evil supervillian. Gru is voiced by a wonderfully in character Steve Carell-doing some kind of off European accent that not only increases the hilarity of some of his lines but allows the more juvenile jokes to become funny. What is truly interesting about 'Despicable Me' is the inside look at the day to day of a bad guy. We are alwayd hearing about the heroes issues and problems, who knows what the bad guy is going through...the film brings depth to the phrase "its tough being bad". Gru has a lot on his plate, and is determined to regain his worlds number one supervillian statyus back from the new wonderboy baddie Vector. Vector is an odd little fella, fairly creepy, but easy to laugh at and an almost unnoticeable voice provided by Jason Segel makes him all that more funny. In fact, I would have loved to see this as a live-action film. I simply love all the voice actors we have here-Russell Brand is grand as Dr. Nefario, Kristin Wiig is great, as always, as Ms. Hattie and others such as Will Arnett, Danny McBride and even Julie Andrews all seem to be having a blast creating these characters. We get our dose of cuteness from the three little girls whom Gru adopts and ultimately teach Gru a lesson about love and what is really important in life, but the real heart and comedic soul of the film are the little yellow minions you've been seeing everywhere lately (there's already talk of them getting their own film). You will laugh at them for days after just thinking about some of their scenes. 'Despicable Me' is a fun time for both children, adults and even me, a 23 year-old who enjoys the work of the voice cast. I was not able to see this in 3-D although I have heard it uses the technique to its advantage and plays with the technology more than most have lately. I was certainly watching for the opportunities in 2D and wish I would have shelled out a few extra bucks, but 3D or no, 'Despicable Me' is a pleasure to watch.

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