In Bruckheimer's second Disney serving of the summer we are given one of those child fantasy films that I feel I should have loved as a child, but it is hard for me to see the magic in a movie that offers very little to root for. The usually charming Jay Baruchel is given little to do as his protagonist Dave makes hardly any transformation from geeky college kid to full on sorcerer. Sure, he gets the girl, and learns the magic, but we never feel the dude has worked hard enough to earn any of it. We don't even get a montage of Nic Cage schooling Dave on the ins and outs of some simple spells. I know, I know, montages are the epitome of cliche, but when used properly they are no doubt effective and one could surely have been used here. The lack of progression and the complete absence of good pacing is my main complaint here. Cage is in full on weirdo mode here and honestly, and this is weird for me to say, was my favorite thing about the film. He is on a roll with me after 'Kick-Ass' as is Alfred Molina who isn't as charming or entrancing as we was in that other Bruckheimer movie this summer, but he is impossible not to enjoy and here he plays the bad guy to its fullest. The film isn't as magical as its title would suggest and the kiddies in the theater when I watched the film were getting restless about halfway through and so points out another issue with the excitement level. This movie is about sorcerers and magic and Merlin's one and only apprentice that can save the world for heavens sake! Why is it not more exciting than this end product we've been given? I was never able to get into the 'National Treasure' films and if this film is any indication of those I will be able to hold off my interest even longer. 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' isn't necessarily a bad movie, its just not as good as it should be. It will do. It gets a passing grade for its special effects and the amount of fun the cast seem to be having-it is the story and execution that pull it down. At least 'Prince of Persia' was consistently entertaining.

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