Adam McKay has seriously upped his game this time. I will never doubt either him or Ferrell when they pair up and although this isn't as consistently funny as their three previous collaborations, it is a really well thought out film. It feels like an authentic film, not just a bunch of funnymen goofing around. 'The Other Guys' brings Ferrell back to form in a way that his career seriously needed. What is best about his performance here is the fact he isn't playing his standard ignorant, obnoxious man-child. He is a completely different person, but he is still Will Ferrell and he is hilarious. Playing a guy who plays it safe for the most outrageous reasons partnered with Mark Wahlberg who is playing a version of his 'Departed' character, but the version that has been shamed out of his cred for shooting Derek Jeter in the leg. Together they create a comedic pair that truly shines, not since Ferrell and Reilly teamed up has their been a better pair. If all of this is sounding a tad ridiculous, that's because it is. While drawing from buddy cop films of the past to create its conventions it also has an equal share of comedy that keeps the plot moving while still feeling random and yes, slightly ridiculous. It is my favorite type of humor. When things are said, that garner no explanation, but the delivery and combination of words are hilarious no matter the context in which they are spoken. There are more than a handful of occasions where this happens. Why Michael Keatons character works two jobs is explained, but why that second job is at Bed, Bath and Beyond? Lord knows, but its funny. Why is there a section in the film that involves Ferrells mother-in-law discussing his and his wives sex life? There is none, but I laughed harder at it than I have at a movie in a long time. 'The Other Guys' simply gets it right, it is the movie 'Cop Out' wanted to be. It pokes fun at obvious impracticalities in action films yet it doesn't feel forced. It has the right amount of comedy and action-the two are balanced nicely and not to mention the story is pretty dang interesting in itself. The way Wahlberg's Terry keeps trying to make the case all about drugs is just a tiny gem in how well this movie parodies every cop drama that comes out. Not to mention the supporting cast here either, Keaton shines with hilarity every time he is on screen. It is good to see him back and garnering laughs. Eva Mendes has always seemed to have a knack for appearing in crap movies, but here, she is limited in screen time and keeps one of the stronger running jokes in the film alive and hilarious by playing her role up to its fullest. Rob Riggle and Damon Wayans Jr. score some big laughs as the rival cops gunning for the spot left open by The Rock and Sam Jackson. Speaking of those two guys, their short but lively time on screen gets the movie rolling and from then on it hardly lets up. McKay is seriously improving as a director and storyteller, Wahlberg is a surprise and should do more comedies while Ferrell proves he is still in his prime. There was nothing I truly disliked about the film and there was a whole lot I loved. Especially those running TLC and LRB jokes. Classic.

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  1. I haven't even heard of this movie until now. But I'm pretty excited to see it sometime!