Lets be honest, it is kind of an awkward subject when discussing losing one's virginity. So to have that entire experience made public via your step brothers camera takes some balls. I don't care what anyone else says about this kid. This "mocu-mentary" is centered around a group of four friends who decide to take a hit of a special bong every time one of them loses their virginity. Yes, this is the basis for which the film is set. The final friend that has to lose the big V is Matt, a nerdy guy who has a steady girlfriend and plans on getting it on with her on their anniversary. Okay, so far its whatever-the four friends are nothing you couldn't find in any high school in America. I couldn't even tell you all of their names, but the fat red-haired kid (whose name is Zack) is pretty funny as well as serving as the ring leader. The other two, the coolest of the group and the one who dresses weirdly are simply along for the ride. Rumors get out that Matt's girlfriend Nicole cheated on him and so he is going to get back at her by allowing Zack to film it all and have a get together in the next room so they can listen to it. A little odd, but this sequence offers the funniest bit of the film by far. Just keep a lookout for the guy who works at the hotel, so classic it could not have been scripted. In fact, that's the best thing the movie has going for it. You genuinely feel like you are watching just a couple of kids taping their escapades and no doubt that much of this is improvised, but it isn't a true story, it is a movie and they create a dang good atmosphere of naturalness and teenage humor throughout. Matt can't go through with the prank on his cheating girlfriend though and so opens up room for the 90-minute running time to spread its wings. There are the expected attempts at helping Matt try to finally lose his virginity including porn stars, his step sister and a college student conducting a thesis, but it also has a few rather touching moments that are unexpected from such a low-brow comedy. Matt lives with Zack due to his father being a drug addict and his mother passing when he was only 9. It is truly sad to see his sick mother wish him a happy life in her final days and we feel awful for Matt when he learns his father has stripped his bank accounts of all the money his mother left him for college. The movie gets a few things across, mostly without meaning to though. In watching this we realize just how short a period of time we really have on earth to be stupid and take advantage of that ignorance of youth. That may be a little too deep of a message from a movie entitled 'The Virginity Hit' but its true. And just like other gross and crude films about teenage boys trying to lose their virginity it is taken with a tad bit of humility. We understand where they are coming from even if we would never do any of the things they tried. The movie was made by people of a certain age for people of a certain age, God only knows what these kids will think of their little movie that could when they look back on it in their fifties. Good times.

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