Let's be for real here, this is 'Jackass' and there is no need to review it whatsoever. If you plan on going to see this movie you know what you are getting yourself into. This is another extended edition of the MTV show that was hysterically awesome. I honestly thought the boys might have called it quits after number two, but now it just seems they will no doubt make these until they just can't handle the pain or the stress anymore. After the stellar opening weekend this film had there is no doubt the studio will be pushing these guys for another one. It is beginning to show a tad here as none of these stunts are as extreme as some in the previous films or series. They even recycle some here with the whole bull thing only adding elements to it such as painting Knoxville to blend in with his surroundings. As the antics are a little less extreme the imagination at least seems to be working just as hard. Segments including a bar fight including midgets as well as the opportunity to mess around with a plane offer up some pretty great moments. As this is more a share all about some of my favorite stunts in the film rather than a review, I must say it was interesting how this one seemed to show a little more of each of the guys personalities. Whereas in the previous films they cut away quicker we are left to linger on these guys and get a small glimpse into a life where you inflict pain upon yourself for a living. There isn't really a way to dislike the film unless you are simply grossed out easily, but it is pure fun and you can't help but laugh at how well they act like idiots. Some of the bits do fall flat, but they are so short you hardly notice them as they are surrounded by classic bits like a guy farting into a dart blower and popping a balloon in Steve-o's ass or having wee man and Preston super glue themselves together in a sexual position. Sadly, I didn't think it wise of myself to spend an extra five bucks or so on watching poop in 3-d so i went ahead and settled for the regular 2-d magic of 'Jackass' though I was looking out for moments that could use the technology to its advantage, but to be honest I didn't see much and don't feel as if I missed out on anything too special. Its gross, its crass, its loud and obnoxious, but as always the jackass crew provides some serious fun and almost constant laughter. If you've seen the others you might as well see this one, you won't be disappointed.

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