I was skeptical about purchasing a ticket to a movie I had on the DVD shelves at home. I didn't bother going to revisit "The Lion King" in 3D when it came back to theaters last September. Still, "Beauty and the Beast" is not only one of Disney's most acclaimed animated features to date (it was the first animated feature to garner a best picture nomination) but it is also a source of so much nostalgia. Originally coming out in 1991 I was five years old at the time and for years after that myself and my brother and sister would watch this over and over again, singing the songs and mouthing every line. It may not be a major change to watch this in converted 3D as the style of animation doesn't lend itself well other than the fact the massive landscapes come to life more. With the characters and story though this extra element makes little difference. Lucky for Disney, the experience of seeing this magical movie on the big screen is worth the price of admission. As I got older and loved the experience of seeing movies in a theater more and more I always wished I could go back and see some of my favorite childhood films on the big screen. "Beauty and the Beast" does not disappoint as we are able to relive that charm of Belle and the intimidating yet gullible Beast as he transforms from a monster into someone in love. The entire cast of supporting characters are as humorous as ever and the musical numbers, if there is one reason to pay for a movie you've already seen, it is these musical numbers. I wanted to sing along with the younger viewers in the audience. This is just as magical as I remember it being, but with nothing new added by its new dimension you should anticipate reminiscing rather than a re-introduction.

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