First Trailer for HUMMINGBIRD

I like Jason Statham and the entire persona he has been able to pull off for several years now, but even I can admit that the act is getting somewhat tiresome. He no longer has the Transporter series to fall back on and was it me or did his role in The Expendables 2 seem somewhat smaller than the first? Regardless, the point is he's clearly not that franchise's main draw and so it is up to his solo work to continue the legacy he hopes to leave of being a great action star. His films are never really that bad, but they hardly rise above anything more than average. This latest film though, titled Hummingbird is written and directed by Steven Knight (writer of Eastern Promises) and making his feature film debut looks to be that of a tense drama that could change the landscape of Statham's career. Telling the story of an ex-Special Forces soldier who has found himself homeless on the streets and steals another mans identity to gain position in the world. The first trailer for the thriller is especially engaging. Knight seems to have enlisted a seasoned Cinematographer as he captures the cityscape with a looming glow and a soundtrack that hints at something a little more serious, prestigious even than the stories Statham has participated in before. There aren't any other big names in the cast and as of right now there is no release date for the U.S. but Hummingbird will open in the UK on May 17th. Hit the hump to check out the trailer.

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