First Trailer for GROWN UPS 2

Every summer there are countless sequels released some that are highly anticipated and others that are completely unnecessary. Upon first hearing they would be making a sequel to Adam Sandler's hit 2010 film Grown Ups it certainly seemed this second film would fall into that latter category. Still, though Sandler usually puts out at least one film a year and most of the time in the summer the guy has never made a sequel to one of his movies so I guess he was due for one. There are a handful of other characters Sandler fans (are there any left?) would have preferred to see re-visited but Grown Ups was also Sandler's most financially successful film and thus we have Grown Ups 2. This isn't all bad though, if the first movie was good for anything it was getting a fun group of guys together and hanging out with them for two hours. Though I feared the worst from the sequel it seems Rob Schneider has flown the coop (though I'm sure they'll have have some ridiculous excuse as to why his character didn't move home) and I actually genuinely laughed multiple times during this trailer. There are some solid jokes and a ton of great cameos here that seem to add to the hilarity of it all (though I wish they would have saved some as a surprise). Shaquille O'Neal and Taylor Lautner seem to be having a blast with Lautner (who I don't think can act) doing a kind of self-deprecating thing that could be for the best and a whole slew of SNL cast members taking part in the car wash scene. If you freeze frame it you'll notice the entire Lonely Island gang Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer along with former cast members Will Forte and Paul Brittain as well as current members Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan. The film also sees the return of Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph. Grown Ups 2 opens on July 12th. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Synopsis: The all-star comedy cast from GROWN UPS returns (with some exciting new additions) for more summertime laughs. Lenny (Adam Sandler) has relocated his family back to the small town where he and his friends grew up. This time around, the grown ups are the ones learning lessons from their kids on a day notoriously full of surprises: the last day of school.

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