I haven't read Jordan Belfort's non-fiction book, The Wolf of Wall Street, about his rise and fall in the stocks game during the 1990's that Martin Scorsese has adapted as his latest project, but as the first trailer has arrived it seems I will be unable to avoid it before the films November release. When first hearing of the project I imagined this would be some type of  serious drama about a stockbroker who cheated the system and had such a unique way of doing so they decided to make a movie about it. After watching the trailer it is clear this movie will be nothing like what I initially expected. It may in fact even turn out that leading man Leonardo DiCaprio may finally win that Oscar not for playing a necessarily serious or important character but instead for his portrayal of this drug-addicted, hard-partying guy that knows how to have fun. DiCaprio leads a great cast as well with Matthew McConaughey showing up for what looks like a small, but memorable role that might get him in the best supporting actor category where he should have been last year for Magic Mike. Jonah Hill also looks to follow-up his Oscar-nominated work in Moneyball with more than just broad comedies as he looks to be DiCaprio's right hand man here which could end up being an inspired pairing that I'm very much looking forward to. I placed this film on my top 10 most anticipated list for the year based simply on the fact it was another collaboration between DiCaprio and Scorsese, but I am all the more excited to see how great this movie turns out to be when it hits theaters on November 15th. The film also stars Kyle Chandler, Jean Dujardin, Margot Robbie, Jon Bernthal, and Rob Reiner. Hit the jump to check out the first trailer.

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