First Trailer for HOT PURSUIT

As I was saying yesterday after three fairly major trailers were dropped within twenty-four hours of one another-the summer movie season is all but impending and the studios are ready to let us know what ALL of our choices will be this year. The latest is another comedy that will look to fill the slot of the weekend after the opening bow. This was typically reserved for the likes of romantic comedies that serve as fine enough alternative programming to the big-budget, highly anticipated sequel, comic book/superhero/fantasy offering that came the week before. As the rom-com has grown more out of style though that trend has changed over the last few years to include the likes of Dark Shadows and The Great Gatsby with Neighbors last year now setting a trend for what looks like a stomping ground for comedy. This years doesn't necessarily look to be particularly strong as far as edgy or substantial is concerned, but more a safe reincarnation of The Heat that pits two, strong female leads against one another all while concerning a police case. Granted, I know this isn't the same premise, but the concept looks to be similar and you can't blame Warner Bros. or New Line for wanting to capitalize on the success of Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy collaborations by hiring the director of The Proposal and Reese Witherspoon. It's also not a bad idea to get this one out there, make their money and be done before Feig and McCarthy's latest, Spy, even shows up. As for the actual film, it looks to be fine enough even if I don't necessarily care for the pairing of Witherspoon with Sofia Vergara. Witherspoon looks to be having a lot of fun though with Vergara doing her same schtick and if nothing else it looks completely harmless with the possibility of being fun. Hot Pursuit also stars Jim Gaffigan, Robert Kazinsky, Mike Birbiglia, John Carrol Lynch, Richard T. Jones and opens on May 8th.

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