First Trailer for MISSISSIPPI GRIND Starring Ryan Reynolds

My hope is that Ryan Reynolds is officially on a roll (pun totally intended). It's clear he is working really hard to climb to the same realm of pedigree that his counterparts in Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper have reached, but so far that credibility has alluded him. This isn't necessarily unfair given Reynolds was basically ushered in as the new "it" guy in 2002 with the breakout success of Van Wilder. He followed this up with a predictable run of fair to pretty good minor comedies, while clearly beginning to reach for more by 2007 with The Nines. Trying his hand as an action star hasn't exactly panned out (though he seems to have finally found his niche by combining his knack for comedy with his physique in Deadpool) and the indie flicks have never garnered enough critical praise to allow him to transcend his broad reputation. Over the past year though Reynolds has starred in The Captive, The Voices (which I still need to see), Woman in GoldSelf/less (yes, a typical action film, but I'm willing to bet Reynolds signed on to work with director Tarsem Singh) and now Mississippi Grind in what can only be seen as a deliberate attempt to try and find an unexpected avenue to reinvigorate his career. You only get lucky with so many The Proposal's and Safe House's before you're resigned to doing nothing but Croods sequels and it's clear this is not where Reynolds wants to end up. Grind received glowing reviews out of it's Sundance premiere earlier this year which speaks well to it's potential, but that VOD release date in August prior to its September 25th theatrical release doesn't. Mississippi Grind also stars Ben Mendelsohn, Sienna Miller, Analeigh Tipton, Robin Weigert and Alfre Woodard.

Synopsis: In this lively, freewheeling road movie, Emmy Award nominee Ben Mendelsohn plays Gerry, a talented but down-on-his-luck gambler whose fortunes begins to change when he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a younger, highly charismatic poker player. The two strike up an immediate friendship and Gerry quickly persuades his new friend to accompany him on a road trip to a legendary high stakes poker game in New Orleans. As they make their way down the Mississippi River, Gerry and Curtis manage to find themselves in just about every bar, racetrack, casino, and pool hall they can find, experiencing both incredible highs and dispiriting lows, but ultimately forging a deep and genuine bond that will stay with them long after their adventure is over. Reminiscent of classic 1970s American Cinema, Mississippi Grind is an unforgettable journey featuring two characters who—flawed as they may be—are always worth rooting for. It’s a film about friendship, addiction, regret, family, and the paths we sometimes unexpectedly find ourselves on—told with empathy, humor, and a remarkable light touch by acclaimed filmmakers Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (Half Nelson, It’s Kind of A Funny Story).

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