First Trailer for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2

It's been thirteen years since writer/producer Nia Vardalos burst onto the scene with one of the biggest independent films of all time. Despite never holding the number one spot at the American box office, My Big Fat Greek Wedding went on to earn almost $369 million, a return of over sixty-one times it's $5 million budget. For that reason, it is the second most profitable film of all time after the first Paranormal Activity film. I can remember going to our local theater at the age of fifteen with a group of family members who were eager to get in on what the fuss was all about. I don't remember much of the first film other than it being my introduction to John Corbett and it including Joey Fatone from *Nsync in a random supporting role, but here we are thirteen years later and Vardalos' career has never again reached the heights of her 2002 break-out. In some ways, simply based on the box office success, a sequel to the film was inevitable, but given it has been so long since the first film this sequel is not only for the purposes of cashing in on a known brand, but likely one of the few viable options left for Vardalos. Granted, the sequel could be more interesting given the amount of time that has passed between the two films and the fact it seems they were able to get most of the original cast to reprise their roles, but the shoehorning in of another wedding just for the sake of the title feels as forced as this entire movie seems to be. There is no need for this movie and yet I understand why Vardalos would risk tainting the image and memories of the first one for another shot at relevance and a pay day that might last her another thirteen years until she has to write My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 also stars Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Gia Carides, Louis Mandylor, Alex Wolff, John Stamos and opens on March 25, 2016.

Synopsis: After spending most of their time focusing on their troubling teenage daughter, Toula and Ian are facing marital problems while also having to deal with yet another Greek wedding - this time, even bigger and fatter.

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