Initial Reaction: Video Review - EDDIE THE EAGLE

Unfortunately, my friend and co-host Charles was feeling a lot under the weather last week and we weren't able to review RACE as planned. Fortunately, we've already seen the upcoming Taron Egerton/Hugh Jackman starrer Eddie the Eagle and were able to review that and post it ahead of the film's release this weekend. After a big headache having to do with YouTube and their unfair abuse of fair use laws we were able to finally get the video up and running without any interruptions. While the format is a bit wonky here due to the unforeseen complications with YouTube and FOX who blocked the video on copyright grounds for using a clip from their movie I like to think the discussion and actual content of the review is still solid. Given the review is a mostly positive one and the fact that any press is good press I don't really understand what FOX had to lose by letting us show viewers a thirty second clip, from the trailer no less, of one of their upcoming releases. Still, we're the little people here and I understand a massive company like 20th Century Fox doesn't care what we have to say about their film good or bad. Regardless, things are now up and running and hopefully we don't encounter any more issues of this sort. We'll be tackling Gods of Egypt this week if all goes accordingly and will hopefully have a review for both Zootopia and London Has Fallen next week. For now, enjoy our discussion around the story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics. And as always, be sure to subscribe to our channel, share with your friends, and check back each week for a new video review.

You can also read my written review here.

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