Trailer Roundup: SUPER BOWL 50

As Sunday draws closer we're beginning to see early releases of not only commercials, but some of the movie trailers that will be making their way into our living rooms this weekend. Yesterday we got our first glimpse at the first teaser that will run during the big game in what is our second look at Alice Through the Looking Glass. Narrated by the late Alan Rickman who will reprise his role as the Blue Caterpillar in the sequel, this is a really effective thirty second clip as it highlights the returning cast, including Johnny Depp, and the adventurous feel. While Disney is wanting to make sure their follow-up to the smash 2010 feature rakes in a ton of money they're not putting all of their eggs in the Alice basket. In fact, Disney has purchased multiple spots for their Super Bowl trailers, but beyond Alice, they have yet to confirm what any of the others might be. My guess would be they will definitely be throwing a new Captain America: Civil War trailer out there as it is the film that will kick off the summer movie season, as well as the long awaited sequel, Finding Dory. Before any of these though, we have Jon Favreau's (Iron Man) live action adaptation of The Jungle Book in April and so it wouldn't be a surprise if Disney opts to give that big budget spectacle a spot as well. Opening the weekend after the Super Bowl, we'll likely be seeing spots for both Zoolander 2 and Deadpool, but I tend to think rather than simply rolling out new trailers both Paramount and 20th Century Fox will be finding new and different ways to incorporate their films into the festivities. Paramount has also confirmed it will have a new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 while 20th Century Fox has confirmed a new spot for X-Men: Apocalypse. And last but not least, we will apparently be getting our first look at the fifth Bourne film which still does not have an official title. I'll be updating this post with trailers as they become available online, but as of now the Alice clip is the only one that has been released.

I don't expect this to be the case for long as revealing your entire spot has become common over the last few years and is understandable when you're spending $4.5 million for thirty seconds. Other facets to note are that we will not be seeing any new Super Bowl trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (though they snuck a little something in there), Suicide Squad, or Ghostbusters (c'mon Paul Feig, when we gonna get a peek?!?!). Both Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures have chosen not to purchase any commercial time during the 2016 Super Bowl so don't cross your fingers in hopes of any surprises either. Check out all of the Super Bowl trailers below.

Jason Bourne

Captain America: Civil War

10 Cloverfield Lane

X-Men: Apocalypse


The Secret Life of Pets

Independence Day: Resurgence

Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Jungle Book

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Gods Of Egypt

Eddie the Eagle

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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