Initial Reaction: Video Review - BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

The debut weekend of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice has now come and gone. The critical ravaging of the film is beginning to subside while Warner Bros. seems confident the films opening weekend numbers will hold strong at $170.1 million. While this is certainly an impressive number and has broken a handful of records (March opening weekend, largest domestic opening for WB, largest Easter opening, largest opening for a film based on a DC Comics property) the worrisome factor is how the film will hold up over the coming weeks. There are still schools throughout the United States that have yet to go on Spring Break so that will certainly help this first full week of release, but more for the long run is the fact there is no major competition opening for a solid month. This week sees the expansion of fellow WB property, Midnight Special, as well as the sequel to God's Not Dead with the week after holding a Melissa McCarthy comedy and the experimental actioner Hardcore Henry. There will be some slight downfall with the release of Disney's The Jungle Book on April 15th, but given the more mature demographic BvS is going for I don't imagine the audience pining for the live action version of a Rudyard Kipling novel crosses over much with DC Comics fans to the extent it will hurt the super hero match-up in a major way. The direct demographic threat comes in the form of The Huntsman: Winter's War on Aprill 22nd, but despite Chris Hemsworth leading that film it is largely filled with strong, impressive women and I wouldn't be surprised if the female turnout was stronger for that film than the male-centric BvS audience. By the beginning of May we will have the next super hero battle on our hands in Captain America: Civil War, but by that point BvS will have made all of its major money. The movie walked away with "B" CinemaScore with a "B-" coming from males, which made up 62% of the audience, and "B" from females. Audience members under the age of 18, however, scored it an "A-". The film also brought in an estimated $254 million internationally this weekend with a global opening of $424.1 million. So, say what you will, but BvS is a certified smash at this point and if it holds up well over the next few weeks WB has nothing to worry about other than tweaking their future marketing campaigns to not spoil their entire comic universe.

You can also read my full review here.

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