Initial Reaction: Video Review - HARDCORE HENRY

This week both myself and my usual cohort were unable to make it to the movies in time to film a review of one of the new releases, but in trying to remain consistent we had a few volunteers step up and fill in for us. To give some background on the way our show works and is filmed one of our long-time friends is a media teacher whose classes consist largely of high school seniors. Every week a few kids from his classes bring the equipment to the theater, set it up, shoot, and edit our show. Given neither of us would be able to make it for our latest episode a few of the students asked if they could give it a go and thus we have our first "Student Edition" of Initial Reaction. The boys chose to see Hardcore Henry, the debut feature from Ilya Naishuller who directed a music video for the band he fronts two years ago that ended up going viral and impressing the right people. That video, like his debut feature film, featured a lot of first-person perspective camerawork. After teaming with producer Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) Naishuller was able to parlay this interesting style into feature length format and the result is this ninety-six minute movie about a cyborg super-soldier tasked with rescuing his wife from a telekinetic psychopath named Akan. To be honest, I didn't have much desire to see the film and am somewhat grateful these guys weathered the storm and delivered a solid first effort. Though the film may not have met even the lowest of expectations at the box office this weekend (coming in fifth place with only $5 million from 3,015 theaters) the opportunity for these guys to get in front of the camera and work out their nerves will certainly help us out next time one or both of us are unable to make it to the movies. As always, you can hit the jump to see the full video review and be sure to subscribe to our channel for a new review every week!

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