Initial Reaction: Video Review - THE JUNGLE BOOK

After two weird weeks where one or both of us were unable to film a review at the designated time both Charles and I have returned to the theater seats to watch and review a new release. It wasn't bad timing either as The Jungle Book more or less blew everything out of the water this weekend. With an estimated $103.5 million, The Jungle Book scored the second largest April opening weekend of all-time behind only last year's Furious 7. Out of all Disney's recent adaptations of their classic animated films The Jungle Book came in behind only 2010's Alice in Wonderland which made a monster $116.1 during March and ended its run with over $334 million domestic which The Jungle Book will most likely be headed towards as well. To get into specifics, 43% of the film's domestic opening came from 3D theaters with 10% coming from 376 IMAX screens. Having seen the film in both IMAX and 3D I can attest to the film being well worth the price of admission for the visual splendor alone as the visual effects are top notch and the environment uses the 3D to make itself as immersive as one can imagine. While I more or less thought the film overall was somewhat standard as far as storytelling and character development goes, the visuals are exceptional and worth experiencing on the big screen. Beyond this, the film does sport an all-star voice cast that sees Bill Murray stealing the show as Baloo and a handful of other well-respected thespians doing their best to make talking animals as impressive and as credible as possible. With the box office numbers this thing is posting be ready to hear about The Jungle Book a lot over the next few weeks, at least until Disney/Marvel deliver the next $100+ million opener of the year in just under three weeks,  As always, you can hit the jump to see the full video review and be sure to subscribe to our channel for a new review every week!

You can also read my full review here.

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