Initial Reaction: Video Review - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

It was a slow weekend at the movies this first week of April, but if you were lucky enough to be near one of the fifty-eight theaters that received Jeff Nichols Midnight Special than you should definitely check out this week's show. There were a handful of small releases that began their run this weekend or continued to expand, such as Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some!!, the Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light, Don Cheadle's Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead, and Alan Rickman's final live action performance in Eye in the Sky, but given we are based out of Little Rock, Arkansas and Nichols is a Little Rock native it only felt right to bring the movie as much attention as possible even if our little show is still finding its footing. It doesn't hurt that we were also invited to a press screening for the film and were able to see the movie a bit earlier than most so it would have felt irresponsible to not post a review. All of that taken into consideration, my usual counterpart was out of town on vacation last week and so our long-time mutual friend and fellow movie lover, Danner, stepped in to help me discuss why we both enjoyed Midnight Special so much. If you think we're bias simply because we're filled with pride about a guy from Arkansas making his big studio debut with such a solid film, just listen to the films score and tell me you're not intrigued (you should listen to the score anyway because it's awesome, but I digress). As far as box office goes the film did fairly well in its continued expansion netting $581,000 for a per theater average of $10,017. It looks as if the film will go even wider this coming weekend and if it comes to a theater near you I highly suggest checking it out on the big screen. As always, you can hit the jump to see our full video review and be sure to subscribe to our channel for a new review every week!

You can also read my full review here.

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