Initial Reaction: Video Review - INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE

Hoping to capitalize on the massive success of last summer's Jurassic World the sequel to director Roland Emmerich's massive 1996 disaster flick, Independence Day, just didn't have enough of the nostalgia factor to conjure up the same type of anticipation or audience. With a reported budget of over $165 million things are not looking good for this twenty year later sequel as Independence Day: Resurgence couldn't even match the opening weekend of its two decade old predecessor. With an estimated opening of only $41.6 million ID42 is looking at maybe reaching $100-110 million domestically which ironically leaves the box office success of the film to be determined by its global haul. For an uber-patriotic film that takes its name from a holiday that celebrates the commemoration of the U.S.A. as a new nation this could prove a difficult task. On a more positive note, the film did get off to a strong start on those international fronts with an estimated $101.4 million from 57 markets for a global total of $143 million. While I was out of town on vacation last week and therefore unable to catch the film or film a review things were left up to Charles and our good friend Danner who has filled in before to review Midnight Special, which coincidentally came out on DVD & Blu-Ray last week and is a movie you should definitely catch if you haven't already (and let's be honest-you haven't). All of this is to say that while I haven't yet seen Independence Day: Resurgence the guys didn't seem to care for it too much. This coincides with the so-so "B" CinemaScore which typically results in fairly short legs as far as box office is concerned. With the film losing many of its IMAX screens to Steven Spielberg's new film, The BFG, this weekend and with two other wide releases also hitting theaters not to mention the competition that was The Shallows and Free State of Jones this past weekend it can't help but feel that Resurgence will be more of a washout by the time all is said and done. Before that times comes though, be sure to check out Initial Reaction's review of the film and as always be sure to subscribe to our channel as we have a new review (or reviews) each week! Appreciate the support.

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