Initial Reaction: Video Review - THE LEGEND OF TARZAN

This weekend there were three new major wide releases, but none were able to claim the top spot as Disney and Pixar's Finding Dory continued to dominate. In its third weekend the thirteen year later sequel managed an estimated $41.9 million three-day weekend and is tracking toward a four day around $51 million. As of now the film's domestic cume stands at just over $372 million with its global total just over $538 million. Of the three new wide releases this weekend we were originally going to see and review the latest from Steven Spielberg, but it's a good thing we didn't as The BFG could only muster an estimated $19.58 million over the three-day and is expected to finish right around $23-24 million for the four-day weekend. Though this is slightly disappointing considering the $140 million price tag Spielberg's films are typically incredibly leggy. Still, it's strange Disney decided to open this unquestionably British film over the Fourth of July weekend when Dory is still making tons of money and next week sees the release of The Secret Life of Pets. This gives The BFG a limited audience as these three films are more or less targeting the same demographic with The BFG being the least anticipated by a large margin. It doesn't help the film is a genuine head-scratcher, but only time will decide the fate of this one and I'm curious to see how things play out. Fortunately, we ended up seeing and reviewing The Legend of Tarzan from director David Yates (the last four Harry Potter movies and this November's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Surpassing most box office pundits predictions the $180 million summer tentpole brought in an estimated $38.1 million three-day opening with the film targeting a four-day total of around $43+ million. I was genuinely pleased with the film and consider it to be a well-rounded and highly entertaining summer blockbuster and it seemed audiences largely agreed. As always, we saw the film at B&B's Chenal 9 & IMAX in Little Rock and suffice to say, see the film on the biggest screen possible if you can. The third new release was the third Purge film which brought in a $30.8 million three-day, for an estimated $35 million four-day total. With a price tag of only $10 million the film has already tripled its budget. Hit the jump to watch this week's review and as always be sure to subscribe to our channel as we have a new review (or reviews) up each week! Appreciate the support.

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