Initial Reaction: Video Review - THE ACCOUNTANT

We're running a little behind this week, but our review of this past weekend's box office champion The Accountant is now up and able to be viewed. Besides the editing and uploading delay this week we also had a few lighting issues as one may be able to tell by the quality of the picture on the video, but nevertheless the content is there and hopefully still enjoyable enough. The Accountant finished the weekend with an easy win as its only real competition over the weekend was the release of Kevin Hart's new stand-up special, What Now? which brought in an estimated $11.98 million from 2,567 theaters making it the biggest debut for a stand-up comedy film ever. As for the Ben Affleck fronted film it brought in an estimated $24.7 million which was both above expectations (which were anticipated to be anywhere between $15-20 million) as well as besting the opening numbers for both Affleck's Argo and The Town. Now, whether The Accountant will climb as high as those Oscar hopefuls is doubtful as The Accountant will make no such waves this awards seasons (that will be left to the Affleck directed Live By Night) and may have a shorter than average shelf-life as the next three weekends see the release of a new Jack Reacher film followed by another Tom Hanks/Dan Brown treasure hunt, and then not only a new Marvel movie, but also Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge which will each take large chunks of the key demographic that flocked to see The Accountant in its first days of release. It was easy to see the film was going to have a strong first weekend from the size of our Thursday preview audience though as it was easily one of the more packed theaters we'd been in on a Thursday night since maybe Don't Breathe back in late August. While that will do it for now, we will have a review for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back this weekend and look forward to the bigger releases of the fall movie season as they are now fast approaching. As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel as we have a new review (or reviews) up each week!

Read my full The Accountant review here.

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