Initial Reaction: Video Review - OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY
This week on Initial Reaction we enjoyed the week before Rogue One hits with the slight if not still enjoyable comedy that is Office Christmas Party. The $45 million ensemble comedy from Paramount was able to muster a decent $17.5 million opening weekend statewide while also garnering an estimated $16.4 million elsewhere in the world for a worldwide total of $33.9 million so far. The film should do well over the next few weeks as it faces slim competition as far as similar genre offerings go (and if early reviews are any indication, you'll be better off seeing this than Why Him?), but with the sheer amount of release over the next two to three weeks it could prove difficult for Office Christmas Party to find the space in theaters to really thrive. With Rogue One and the Will Smith-starrer Collateral Beauty opening this week as well as the expansion of awards season favorites La La Land and Manchester By the Sea as well as two days of new releases the week of Christmas with a total of at least eight new films opening semi-wide to wide it will be interesting to see how the only Holiday-centric movie of the bunch fares. All of that said, Office Christmas Party still didn't debut at No. 1 this week as far as Box Office rankings are concerned as that title belonged to Moana for the third straight week. With an estimated $18.8 million, Moana's domestic cume now comes to $145 million whereas internationally the animated film brought in another $23.5 million as its overseas gross now stands at $93.8 million for a global total of $238.8 million. As we prepare for the full-on Holiday season over the new few weeks go ahead and check out our video review for Office Christmas Party and get ready for Rogue One this weekend. As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel as we have a new review (or reviews) up each week! 

Read my full Office Christmas Party review here.

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