Initial Reaction: Video Review - GET OUT
Oscar weekend is typically a slow weekend at the box office, but just like the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony last night, this weekend was full of surprises. There were technically three new releases this weekend including Lionsgate/Summit's animated flick, Rock Dog, as well as Open Road's Collide starring Nicholas Hoult and Felecity Jones, but the one that clearly made the biggest impact was Get Out. Jordan Peele's (Key & Peele) directorial debut about a young African-American man who goes to visit his Caucasian girlfriend's mysterious family estate outperformed even the loftiest of expectations as it opened to $30.5 million across 2,781 theaters earning it a $10,976 per-screen average. The film, which still sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 140 reviews, also earned an A- CinemaScore from audiences that were appropriately split right down the middle. 51% of the Get Out's audience was over twenty-five with 39% being black, 36% being white, and 17% being Latino. The film, which I thought was a clever mix of horror, comedy, and social commentary is the second consecutive hit for production house Blumhouse after already propelling Split to massive returns earlier this year after being made for only $9 million and currently sitting at over $220 million worldwide. On a budget of under $5 million Get Out has already made more in its opening weekend than Keanu, Key and Peele's theatrical comedy debut that was released last April, made in its entire theatrical run. With the resoundingly positive reviews and strong audience response it seems Get Out is poised to continue its winning run despite powerhouse blockbusters opening in the coming weeks. While Logan, Kong: Skull Island, and Beauty and the Beast will certainly make tons of cash, Get Out is the perfect type of alternative programming those not in the demographics of such bigger films might then resort to and/or even overflow crowds from those blockbusters might decide to check out based on the word of mouth and rare Rotten Tomatoes score which has awarded the film a lot of social media attention. Whether you decide to check out Get Out or not, be sure to watch our review after the jump and, as always, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel as we have a new review (or reviews) up each week!


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