Initial Reaction: Video Review - IT COMES AT NIGHT

I talked at length yesterday about the box office results for both Wonder Woman as well as The Mummy, but this week on Initial Reaction we also talked about a smaller film called It Comes at Night. This micro-budgeted horror flick from A24 comes from director Trey Edward Shults who the studio gave its first multi-picture deal to. After acquiring Shults' debut feature, Krisha, A24 struck a deal to produce and distribute his second feature, It Comes at Night. It Comes at Night was released in 2,533 theaters this past weekend (the studio's widest release to date besting The Witch's 2,046 last February), but this one didn't land as well as the studio might have hoped it seems. Falling just outside the top five It Comes at Night, which was generally well-liked by critics, was given a rather terrible "D" CinemaScore by opening day audiences. Expectations going into the film's opening weekend were over the $10 million mark, but with only a $5.9 million final cume come Sunday it seems It Comes at Night will fade quickly from public view leaving Shults in a position to step up his game, at least commerically, in his second feature for the studio. Granted, It Comes at Night's production budget was reportedly under $5 million so this is in no way a loss for the studio, but I can imagine A24 was hoping for some Blumhouse style numbers a la Split. All of that taken into consideration, I obviously urge you to check out Initial Reaction's review of this divisive film as it will be our last video review for some time. We will be back, hopefully by Spider-Man: Homecoming at the latest, but the theater we typically see our films in and shoot our reviews in is undergoing a change in ownership and thus some renovations. We've been told to only expect the theater to be shut down completely for a few weeks and that they hope to be back up and running by the beginning of July, but we shall see. As for now, be sure to follow the official Initial Reaction YouTube channel as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates! Your views and support are much appreciated!

Read my full It Comes at Night review here.

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