Initial Reaction: Video Review - SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

It has been nearly a month since we last published a new episode of Initial Reaction over on our YouTube channel due to the fact the theater that allows us to see movies and shoot inside it was bought out by AMC and has been closed for renovations since June 5th. We thought we might have a second home as we were able to see and review The Mummy and It Comes at Night at a different location the weekend of June 9th, but if we weren't going to be sticking around for the long haul that theater didn't want us shooting there either. And while we were initially told the renovations would take a month and that our home theater would be open and operational again this week that doesn't look to be the case. This coupled with the fact the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was opening this past week made us realize we would simply need to figure out an alternative plan until things (hopefully) get back to normal. And so, it is the first full weekend in July and what do we have upon us, but none other than the latest iteration of everyone's friendly, neighborhood super hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming. With actor Tom Holland taking over the reigns from Andrew Garfield and director Jon Watts (Cop Car) coming in to tell a more high school-focused origin story of how Peter Parker becomes the titular character Sony Pictures finally realized what they needed to do with their most valuable property and allowed Marvel to co-produce the project in order to allow one of Marvel's most popular heroes into the world where he truly belongs. It seems too that despite now having seen the release of six Spider-Man films over the course of the last fifteen years audiences were still clamoring for an MCU-set Spidey as Homecoming debuted to a massive $117 million domestically and over $250 million worldwide. To break it down a little further, the movie opened in 4,348 theaters yielding what currently stands as the second largest opening ever for a Spider-Man feature (not adjusted for inflation), just edging out Sam Raimi's 2002 original. This is also (not adjusting for inflation) the largest opening for a solo character's MCU introduction beating the $98.6 million the original Iron Man made in 2008. Homecoming's opening is also the third largest this year, finishing between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's $146.5 million and Wonder Woman's $103.2 million. Internationally, Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted in just over half of the overseas marketplace, delivering an estimated $140 million from 56 total markets for a global opening totaling $257 million. As always, be sure to follow the official Initial Reaction YouTube channel as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you can find a new review (or reviews) each week!

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