New Trailer for PITCH PERFECT 3 Starring Anna Kendrick

A new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 has arrived and it is much better than that initial teaser we received back in June. While the hype train seems to have admittedly been a little slow to grow for this one thus far I'm now officially excited to for this conclusion to a series that was never meant to be, but began humbly enough in October 2012 when director Jason Moore delivered a fast-paced, genuinely funny, and inventive teen comedy that capitalized on both the history of the genre itself. With the second installment Elizabeth Banks (who also co-stars in all three films) took over the director's chair and drove the film to an opening weekend that made more than the original film made in its entire theatrical run. The Pitch Perfect series is one that was born on the back of good word of mouth and a timely home video release where teenage and college-aged kids caught the effortlessly fun film over their Christmas break and replayed it again and again in their dorm and living rooms. The point being-it became fun and familiar to hang out with this group of girls and their friends and frenemies and thus any subsequent adventures where audiences could again get some hang time with them would immediately count as a win. With this third film, Step Up All In director Trish Sie has taken the helm with series writer Kay Cannon (New Girl, 30 Rock) still handling script duty. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to what this third installment has to offer as there is always a very distinct shift in tone between the first sequel and the second meaning it can no longer be as much of the same and more about the closing of a certain chapter of life which Pitch Perfect 3 seems to be hitting hard. With third films we like to see real progression in our characters as well as their story so as to be able to accurately guess where these individuals might go from this point as it is likely that, even if we get more Pitch Perfect movies, most of the original players won't be involved or in the same capacity. That said, this new trailer looks much more in line with what I was hoping this movie might turn out to be while at the very least I'm happy seeing the entire gang back together for at least one more go-around. Pitch Perfect 3 stars Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Alexis Knapp, Ruby Rose, Hana Mae Lee, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Ester Dean, John Lithgow, and opens on December 22, 2017.

Synopsis: Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, the Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 3, the next chapter in the beloved series that has taken in more than $400 million at the global box office.

After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

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