Initial Reaction: Video Review - JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

The holiday movie season is always a crowded affair. This year is especially so given we not only have what will be an annual affair with a new Star Wars entry and this year with it specifically being the latest entry in the main trilogy, but there is also that of The Greatest Showman, a wholly original musical feature starring Hugh Jackman, the second sequel to surprise hit from 2012, Pitch Perfect, that no doubt looks to capitalize on an underserved demographic during the holidays, an adult-aimed Matt Damon-starrer from director Alexander Payne in Downsizing, a broad comedy starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms that was supposed to be released nearly a year ago that has since be re-branded as Father Figures, Ridley Scott's headline grabbing All the Money in the World, and finally...Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. That's six new releases over the course of the last week not counting Star Wars, which remained number one at the box office, and doesn't include the expansions of smaller fare like The Shape of Water and Darkest Hour that went wide this past Friday or the limited releases of Steven Spielberg's The Post, Aaron Sorkin's Molly's Game, or Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread. All in all, there is a lot of competition at the movies right now, but while it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that The Last Jedi would end up on the top of the heap once more there was a bit of a mystery as to where everything else might fall. As these things have fallen thus far though, it seems as if the twenty-plus year later sequel to Jumanji will come in second to Rian Johnson's Episode VIII as the Dwayne Johnson action comedy is expected to garner an estimated $34 million for the three-day cycle with the film expected to gross nearly $65 million by the end of the day today after opening on Wednesday. Next in line will be Pitch Perfect 3 as this threequel is expected to finish around $27 million for the four-day holiday weekend. Showman will likely fall in place next with an expected six-day cume topping $18 million after opening alongside Jumanji on Wednesday.Downsizing pulled in just $4.6 million over the three day weekend and is expected to finish just over $6 million for its four-day opening with Father Figures coming in around what is likely to be a $4+ million four-day opening. Additionally, Darkest Hour is expected to reach nearly $6 million for the four-day holiday weekend while The Shape of Water brought in an estimated $3 million for the three-day and is expected to reach $4.3 million by the end of today. As always, be sure to follow the official Initial Reaction YouTube channel as well as on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter where you can find a new review (or reviews) each week!

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