Will Forte has always been the cast member on SNL who dared to go as far as he was allowed. When given free reign in an R-rated film there was no doubt he was going to be as ridiculous and raunchy as he could be. And so we have 'MacGruber' the thirty second spoof turned feature film. The plot is nothing new and is actually quite lazy, but the execution is rather impressive in that it only had a 10 million dollar budget but feels and looks like a much bigger action comedy. This credit is due to director Jorma Taccone who handles his responsibility quite well. Forte creates a full character, we must give him that, even if, in the end, we don't necessarily like the title character. There is no real reason for us to like him and the great thing is is that Forte doesn't seem to care. He goes through no progression and despite having some success in making new friends and renewing old relationships, MacGruber never seems to benefit personality wise from the trials and tribulations he goes through. This oddly works for me and therefore seems the only way the character could be played successfully. Overall, the film isn't as funny as it should be. It has its moments, but never hits that peak where you are laughing uncontrollably.I enjoyed the soundtrack of soft rock 80's hits as well as Kristen Wiig, who continues her streak of improving anything shes in simply by showing up, especially here. This movie would not have been half as good had Wiig not been present, while on the other side of things a more inspired choice than Ryan Phillippe could have made the movie and relationship between MacGruber and his new team member more exciting, interesting and most importantly, funnier. Despite looking a tad rough, Kilmer makes a good bad guy and the audience can clearly tell he is having a good time with the role. 'MacGruber' isn't the laugh out loud comedy I wanted it to be, but it did take things pretty far and pushing the limits is what I like my comedy to do. I can only hope that with repeat viewings it will grow on me and become even more hilarious, but for now I can accept that it was just another SNL movie, one that probably didn't need to be made, but at least it was given pretty fair treatment in being brought to the big screen.

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