I was always a bigger fan of 'Shrek 2' than I was of the original. Why you ask? Because not only did it introduce my favorite character of the series, Mr. Puss in Boots, but overall it was just funnier to me. Granted things kind of slowed for Shrek in his third outing, the 'It's A Wonderful Life' premise presented in this final chapter not only allows for the viewer to kind of see everything we have seen Shrek accomplish, but it offers some very heartfelt, some very funny and a few great moments that restored my faith and left me satisfied with the Shrek franchise. It brings everything to a point where we as an audience can believe everyone in the far far away universe is going to be just fine. And while this final chapter didn't incorporate some of the extra characters as well as previous installments did (ginger bread man, three pigs, big bad wolf etc...) it did give us a few new characters that are quite memorable in their own right. Rumpelstiltskin is a worthy villain although I would have liked a more original voice instead of the cliched one that came out. Someone like Jack Black I feel could have made the character more in the 'Shrek' vein of making fun of fairy tales. The film fully succeeds though in making the Piper a ridiculous tool that allows for some of the funnier moments in the film. Donkey is at his best here and my personal favorite pretty much steals the show in his screen time that is mainly delegated to the last half of the film. Though critics haven't responded to 'Shrek Forever After' with as much excitement as some of the earlier installments caused, it is still worth seeing. Let's just hope the studios keep their word and leave Shrek alone from now on. His story has been told.

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