Going into 'Get Him to the Greek' I was rather nervous I wasn't going to like what the makers had done to the story. I absolutely loved 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and when I heard about the spin off and what the story line was going to be I thought it interesting that they were going to work Jonah Hills character in from an obsessed fan to someone who actually gets to work with Aldous Snow. Though Hill isn't playing the same character as he did in 'Marshall' the film as a whole works. It is certainly an Apatow production and returning 'Marshall' director Nick Stoller has composed a nicely paced script that allows for a few days to contain a large if not completely possible amount of antics for Aldous and Hill to get into. What I enjoyed most about the script was the complexity of these characters. Something you don't typically expect from a broad comedy. This isn't simply about some intern getting a famous guy to his concert, the story gives both characters back stories, but more importantly it gives them individual lives and those tie into how they act during this quest the film is actually centered around. It is easy to say a little of Aldous Snow, played brilliantly again by Russell Brand, can go a long way, but the act never tires here and though Hills is the more endearing character, Brand makes Aldous not simply a one dimensional rock star, but someone who is trying to live up to the expectations everyone has set for him and never really had the chance to go after what he would like to do in life. It has its softer sides, especially near the end, but there is no need to fear as the majority of the film is littered with raunchy humor and some very funny physical comedy. If you are wondering at any point during the film if it is actually going to go there the answer is most likely yes and it will make the most out of every moment. The real surprise here is P. Diddy, who not only steals most of the scenes he is in, but is actually really funny. It never comes off as if he is trying too hard to fit in with these comic actors, instead he just does his thing, clearly giving his all though and it pays off. As always, there are a few entertaining cameos and I enjoyed the nod to Sarah Marshall herself, but in the end we are satisfied with 'Get Him to the Greek' because it is funny, slightly heartwarming and delivers a good time. A movie unafraid to be what it is supposed to be. It fulfilled all expectation and requirement and is easily the funniest movie of the year so far.

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