'Grown Ups' is probably exactly what you expect it to be. It was for me, and really, this isn't a bad thing. After so many years of retreating to Sandler-land at least once a year and we have become accustomed to the type of movie Sandler likes to make with his buddies and what kind of humor we will get when we purchase the ticket for it. 'Grown Ups' is a Sandler project that is a long-time coming. With three of his fellow SNL alumns joining him and recent collaborator Kevin James it is a feast of comedy heaven for anyone who loves any of these five guys. Given that Sandler is the most famous here, he gets the leader of the group role, which I sometimes wish had been switched up a bit. Rock being as popular as he is didn't get as much screen time (or as many funny things to say) as I expected him too. He did play against his usual character type though and that was rather interesting. His relationship with his wife played by the always funny Maya Rudolph was interesting and made for the best on-screen couple. James was also short on screen time, but garnered as many laughs as he could when given the opportunity. We know James is a funny guy even though most would say he is filling the Chris Farley role here. James is his own man though and with 'The King of Queens' he proved his funnyman status, there is no denying his chemistry with Sandler either. James is paired with Maria Bello, a bit of an odd combination but they make it work and certainly earn the cutest couple in the film. As for Schneider and Spade, they have had the least success after their prime days, but Spade stole the show for me here, his witty sarcasm was non-stop and without it the movie would not have been as funny or entertaining. Spade's character in general livens up the party this movie is supposed to be. On the other hand , Schneider is the weirdo friend that always gets picked on who also has two hot daughters. Its an odd bit of grouping as far as these friends go, but knowing the backstories of these actors we can all imagine how much fun they had making this film together and the best news is that most of that translates to the screen. This is standard Sandler, but he always delivers. It gives a slice of Americana in a time when iPhones and Wii's are more important than family time and the simple pleasures life brings, Sandler reminds us of how much fun we can have without all of that. We don't expect the greatest movie ever, we get the laughs, the cameos from others in Sandlers gang and we get a good moral-a story that doesn't break any molds, but tells us its okay to get back to what really made you smile. We can always count on Adam Sandler for a smile.

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