Initial Reaction: Video Review - THE CONJURING 2, NOW YOU SEE ME 2, & WARCRAFT

It seemed that last week, after the successive come downs from sequels like Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,  X-Men: Apocalypse, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and TMNT: Out of the Shadows that the only way for sequels to go was down. Several pundits within the industry posted pieces discussing the saturated sequel market and how audiences weren't going to show up to sequels to movies that may have made a decent amount of money, but weren't well received. It's the ole' fool me twice situation and audiences just aren't having it anymore-not when there is so much content to devour (and most of it not being at the local movie theater). And so, it was with something of a surprise that the two new sequels released this weekend fared pretty well when compared to their originals box office. Topping the weekend was James Wan's follow-up to his 2013 smash as The Conjuring 2 pulled in an estimated $40.35 million to nearly match the first film's opening weekend while pulling in more than $90 million worldwide. With an estimated $24.35 million weekend Warcraft came in second and though this would typically be considered something of a massive bomb considering the film's $160 million price tag the film is doing such big business internationally its domestic haul hardly matters. Worldwide, Warcraft has already brought in more than $285 million which includes an estimated $156 million total from China after only five days in release. In third was the second new sequel of the weekend, Now You See Me 2. The original was something of a surprise smash three years ago when it opened with $29.3 million before finishing with over $117 million domestically and over $350 million worldwide. Opening slightly below estimates, NYSM2 scored an estimated $23 million in its opening weekend, but given the budget was a little higher on this one the studio can only hope this "more of the same" sequel can do solid business overseas. With our first attempt at a triple feature this weekend we have reviews for each of the three new releases. Be sure to hit the jump to check out our thoughts as well as subscribe to our channel. We have a new review (or reviews) each week! Appreciate the support.

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