Teaser Trailer for THE LOST CITY OF Z

I can understand why Mark Wahlberg may not be in writer/director James Gray's latest given he's been a little pre-occuppied with the likes of Peter Berg and Michael Bay, but it seems curious Joaquin Phoenix isn't anywhere to be seen in this first look at the filmmakers latest effort. I wondered if he may have just had time for a smaller role and so I checked the cast list in iMDB, but nothing. It seems Gray has traded in his usual collaborators for younger, more "of the moment" talent as The Lost City of Z not only stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, King Arthur), but also Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Series, Rover) as well as our latest Spider-Man actor in Tom Holland. So, what is it that attracted such talent one might ask? Well, apparently the story is based on a true tale of a British military man, Percy Fawcett, (Hunnam) who becomes an explorer in search of a lost city in the Amazon. The facts of the case are that Fawcett, along with his eldest son, disappeared under unknown circumstances in 1925 during an expedition to find "Z" – the name he gave to an ancient lost city, which he and others believed to be El Dorado. The story is certainly engaging and the more interesting facet is that Gray, as a writer, could essentially invent his preferred ending as there is no concrete evidence supporting any one theory about what actually happened to Fawcett and the two men traveling with him. What direction Gray will choose to go will be one of great interest leading up to the films Spring release date, but if the story of Fawcett isn't exactly stated in this "first-look" teaser it at least sets a very specific tone and mood for what we'll be getting. Regardless of whether Gray decides to take a more realistic approach or indulge the mythos of Fawcett with what we might all hope he actually encountered should ultimately be besides the point as what will be more fascinating to see is how Hunnam handles a descent into madness. The Lost City of Z also stars Sienna Miller, Angus Macfadyen, Daniel Huttlestone, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Edward Ashleym, and opens on April 21st 2017.   

Synopsis: From the outset, this humid, deeply human movie, directed by James Gray, comes on like a classic adventure tale, one where a governmentally decorated go-getter seeks discovery, excitement, and a sterling reputation in an unknown land where his life is worth little more than a possible dinner for a hungry local tribe. […] And yet, Gray’s adaptation of David Grann‘s beloved bestseller is a far quieter, more ruminative, and confidently intimate movie than all that would suggest. […] One would hope on the evidence of this movie, this masterpiece, that Gray would have studios lining up to back whatever his next movie might be.

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